Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My First Write up - "Just one day !! "

OH my GOD.. Bless me for starting to write.. 
Its in deed a wonderful feeling to start writing on a auspicious Valentines day... Don't know really what to write and where to start off with. I just felt I should start something new for this year..

New year New Beginning and more my Birthday also fall at the start of a new year( in fact Chinese New Year). 

Its been just couple of weeks back I was packing in full hurry for the trip and before that its been all the fun.. 
School Friends meet, office treats what else Nanban movie with Padu ( my wife ) and all of a sudden in Just one day a big difference in my life.. 

All new place, all alone and all new Experiences..

Its not the first time that I am away from India...I am locked in my apartment for solid two weekends. No Friday night out's as we usually do if we are a group.. Roaming around the city on Friday nights is a fun to watch ( Some time might turn Scary :-).. 

Best I could remember will be at York (UK) and Sydney.
Its a good time pass to walk around in the night and get some fresh air and watch some good entertainment  free of cost. Usually there will be some  music or some show will go on City centres.

Being alone is not the only reason I am reluctant to venture out it is also because of climate... This is first in my life time I am experiencing the Coldest climate.. It always use to be a summer and hot in my earlier travels. 

Staying alone is all together a different experience . All these my days I have never been alone for any cause. Even during audit times it was always with the team away from home. Its not like I am lonely, bored or sad..Not at all. Yes missing my near and dear is there but there is something strange that I don't feel like I am left alone despite staying miles away from home.

Just because of technology I feel like I am just minutes away from home... No matter what the time zones are..

But some thing I started to realise being alone....Its a positive feeling, and getting your self strong both mentally and physically.... I don't know if I would continue to have the same thought until I return to India but for sure I will strive to carry on.

For sure we should all break away from our routines and be to ourselves (All to ourselves) for at-least a week if not Just one day is enough to realise what we are... 

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  1. Awesome rock on! Just a post to start it all! :-)