Wednesday, 29 February 2012

2.59.11- Experience Just One time

My office in Chennai is just couple of floors from basement and so I just climb by stairs. You become habitual to certain things if you keep doing them. For lot others the means to come is Lifts..

Lifts what an invention(Machine)...It is true it saves so much of our human energy.. Remember the Nanban Dialogue. 

My office is now in 16th Floor ( ie 20th Floor from Ground after parking ). The very first day when I went to the security to get my ID card, they took me through an 10 mins video about the fire safety procedure. They showed how to evacuate and where is the safety area and what are the thing you got to collect while evacuating and which is the correct bell to evacuate

Fire in London is something great.. There were fire two time in City of London and cause a huge damage. The " Great Fire of London" in 17th century and " Second Great fire of London" in 20th century.. Both the fires took in the central London and that's where my office is....Oh my God Save me I thought to myself.

There is no big difference when compared to procedure back in Chennai..
But the Only BIG difference is the number of floors...

I thought in my mind that I should take the stairs at-least once during my visit... Definitely not while climbing up I thought :-)

It so happened last Friday 24th Feb around 3.00 pm there was a Fire alarm in the building. It was continuous alarm. The PA system was announcing that there is a malfunction in the system... Lifts are all down to ground level and stopped functioning...

I started off at 4.30 pm... Reluctantly telling to my self many floors to walk...

I was just about to go near the stairs door, something stuck in my mind. Being a Fire Warden why should I worry of taking the stairs. My Fire Marshals face was just in front of me asking me to time to time I come down...

I took my mobile - set the Stop Watch - Pressed the button and started coming down.. I made it in 2.59.11( 2 Mins 59 Secs ).. Believe me it was amazing experience just to walk down 20 floors..Oh.. What an experience..

Sometimes its worth focusing on the positive side of any situation than just to get carried away by the Negative effect. Result - Experience the Experience Atleast one time....... 


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Bi-Cycle

Ever imagined a world in real equal to movie like Spy Kids, which  has got lot of stuff to transport..May be in future they may come I don't know. If there is a machine which can transport me to where ever I like in just click of button ( Just like clik of the mouse button which we do daily !!! Did you ever guess how many times you clik on that fancy instrument :----)

Hope every one likes it to be a time saver and travel in light speed.. Avoid the daily traffic and pollution and the list is endless.

I always cherish the first ever vehicle I started with..Still remember the colour of it.. Bright red and had three wheels to it.. Always there is a hope within me that I will drive the next bigger one soon..

And from there to it was collection of Toy bikes, cars and so on....Play with them and drive it in full speed..

I still remember the Hundi in which I use to save money( Call it Chillara Kasu from 5 paise to 5 Rs). It was Handi-Plast Boy with Thumbs-up with that handi plaster..The spend from that Chillara kasu was worth a infinite happiness. I bought the Herculas MTB Bi-Cycle..It is still a pride for investing in that..

Know what to drive to learn the little piece of machine with out that support wheels and not placing the legs down from the pedal it took me time and with lot of falls in streets..The best is the Hour cycle, friends roaming around the streets with full of fun.. So no more to pay for the Hour cycle..

Still I remember the names of the cycles we used to drive those dayss..Street Cat, MTB, Ranger, SLR. The first cycle with Shock absorbers oh what a feeling to watch those.

It is not only that the races we use to have is all the more fun..The Gandhi Statue in Parry's corner what a landmark for our cycle party. The cyclethon in ECR to Muthukaddu boat house is still in my memory. But me did not cycle, but as kid sitting in the front side of next mighty machine HERO HONDA and just accelerating.( Courtesy : My Babai's Hero Honda CD 100 )

You know what the one of the best  investment I have done is in Investing in a cycle..Very less maintenance cost. 30 min Walk equal to 5-10 min cycling. Very good time saver.. Also keep you in good health. Also release from the Gundu ricksha to school..

Still we prefer those cozy ones which can take us to the places with pride. I mean the Beauty's CARS.

One thing I am seeing here in London is No matter what you are, call it with all the fancy names attached to individuals they still cycle or walk or at the worse use the Public transport. U can see people irrespective of the gender with the old,new and fancy cycles in good condition.. People cycling with Suits, and  Lots more.

I got a mild stroke when I was passing through the Cycle store by seeing the price tag... 2000 pounds OMG if I had so much I thought I would have set up a Cycle store to myself in India.. If not big atleast to start of with.

Wondered how many Handi Plast Hundi would I need to buy this lovely piece of machine with out any fuel in this land.

Love you all...


Note & Disclaimer : Pls don't get into counting how many time you clik the mouse

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My First Write up - "Just one day !! "

OH my GOD.. Bless me for starting to write.. 
Its in deed a wonderful feeling to start writing on a auspicious Valentines day... Don't know really what to write and where to start off with. I just felt I should start something new for this year..

New year New Beginning and more my Birthday also fall at the start of a new year( in fact Chinese New Year). 

Its been just couple of weeks back I was packing in full hurry for the trip and before that its been all the fun.. 
School Friends meet, office treats what else Nanban movie with Padu ( my wife ) and all of a sudden in Just one day a big difference in my life.. 

All new place, all alone and all new Experiences..

Its not the first time that I am away from India...I am locked in my apartment for solid two weekends. No Friday night out's as we usually do if we are a group.. Roaming around the city on Friday nights is a fun to watch ( Some time might turn Scary :-).. 

Best I could remember will be at York (UK) and Sydney.
Its a good time pass to walk around in the night and get some fresh air and watch some good entertainment  free of cost. Usually there will be some  music or some show will go on City centres.

Being alone is not the only reason I am reluctant to venture out it is also because of climate... This is first in my life time I am experiencing the Coldest climate.. It always use to be a summer and hot in my earlier travels. 

Staying alone is all together a different experience . All these my days I have never been alone for any cause. Even during audit times it was always with the team away from home. Its not like I am lonely, bored or sad..Not at all. Yes missing my near and dear is there but there is something strange that I don't feel like I am left alone despite staying miles away from home.

Just because of technology I feel like I am just minutes away from home... No matter what the time zones are..

But some thing I started to realise being alone....Its a positive feeling, and getting your self strong both mentally and physically.... I don't know if I would continue to have the same thought until I return to India but for sure I will strive to carry on.

For sure we should all break away from our routines and be to ourselves (All to ourselves) for at-least a week if not Just one day is enough to realise what we are...